Admission open for 2016-2017 T.I.M.E Kids HSR Layout

T.I.M.E Kids HSR Layout

Themes and Concepts

Interesting themes and concepts are covered at T.I.M.E. Kids pre-schools which make learning a unique, fun experience for the children. All events and festivals are celebrated with enthusiasm all through the year. Life skills are a part of the “Curriculum” of learning experiences offered within a classroom setting at T.I.M.E. Kids pre-schools. The child learns to become a productive group member, solve problems, remember rules, and develop an understanding of cause/effect.

Playgroup – 18 months to 2.5 years

We see Playgroup as an extension of the home. Our pre-schools’s aim is to provide children an environment which will help them ‘jump start’ towards complete development through creative expression and play. At this stage they are not introduced to formal learning, Rather, learning takes place through play and activities which give them the opportunity to acquire knowledge and understanding of various concepts.

Nursery – 2.5 to 3.5 years

The purpose of our play school’s Nursery program is to teach children as imaginatively as possible. Hands-on activities, social interaction, art experiences and play are the means of our program. Whatever the topic, the idea is to engage the child’s imagination. Children also receive systematic instruction in identifying alphabets with phonics and numbers (1-20) with value. At our play schools careful attention is given to the social, physical and emotional development of the child along with exposure to music and creative expression.

Pre Primary I – 3.5 to 4.5 years

T.I.M.E. Kids pre-schools PPI program is designed to cultivate the child’s full potential for a well rounded development. In our language program, children are encouraged to express and communicate with others, enhance vocabulary and use language rather than actions to resolve issues. Reading and writing of alphabet with phonics are incorporate in the daily curriculum. During math time, children are encouraged to think and apply concepts that include numbering, counting, sorting, classifying and recognizing patterns which are continuously enforced through various creative activities. Science art, music, movement and role play are an integral part of the balanced program followed at our play schools.

Pre Primary II – 4.5 to 5.5 years

Pre primary II is an exciting time of exploration for children. As their gross and motor skills get better they discover a new sense of independence and self confidence. They acquire a wider vocabulary, recognize and use rhyming words and identify several words. They can read simple sentences as phonetics is an integral part of the curriculum. Math also becomes more exciting with counting larger quantities and writing numbers till 20. Children learn to apply number concepts in relation to everyday applications.

At our play schools, lots of hands-on activities are engaged in with science projects, life skills, field trips etc. Besides this they are also exposed to various other skills like art and music, environmental studies, and life skills. In order to reinforce concepts, weekend assignments become a part of the curriculum.

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